Error Codes

When something goes wrong with an API request we will return an error code. These codes are explained below.

Error Code Message Commands Description
1 Message text is empty send Your message has no text.
2 Balance is too low
send Your account balance is insufficient to send the messages.
3 Command is undefined
All commands You have not specified a command, or your command is improperly defined.
Insufficient parameters send, message_status, receive, delete_reply, check_number
You have not provided all the parameters the command requires.
Invalid username & password combination All commands The username is unrecognised or the password is incorrect.
Message was not sent send We did not send your message.
7 Very long message send Your message is too long to be sent in full.
8 IP address is not allowed
All commands Please check account settings.
9 Wrong phone number format send The phone number’s format is prohibited.
10 Wrong parameter value [value] for parameter [parameter name] send Prohibited value for a given parameter. We are returning both the parameter and value to sender.
Your daily API usage limit is reached All commands
You have reached your daily API usage limit.
Too many items in one request send, message_status, delete_reply
The request has too many items.
13Your account has been disabled
All commands
Your account has been disabled.
14Message with id [value] does not existmessage_status, delete_reply
We found no message with this ID.
Unicode symbols detected
We detected Unicode symbols, but unicode=0 was set for the request.

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