Email to SMS API

It’s incredibly easy to integrate our Email to SMS into your existing business and back-office applications, as most applications can send email. It provides a simple way to enable your application or custom software to send text messages.

In order to use Email to SMS you need to buy SMS Credits and must register all the sending email addresses. Once our system receives the email we check if the sending email is registered. You are allowed to register an unlimited number of sending email addresses. You can register sending emails here.

Send an SMS With Email to SMS

This email will send an SMS to two mobiles with the content of The Free Encyclopedia.

Variable Value
From: (register your emails here)
Subject: You can leave the subject blank
Body: The Free Encyclopedia

Receive an SMS With Email

When someone replies to your message sent with Email To SMS, TextMagic forwards the reply back to your email.

Variable Value
Body: Hi, just received your message. Phil

Email to SMS Security Settings

You can set up the two different security settings of subject line password and email server IP number checking. Please login here to change your Email to SMS settings.

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