Java SMS API Script

Visit the Java SMS API Project at:

This Java wrapper provides a way to integrate our Bulk SMS Gateway to your Java application.

This is how you can get started with Java:

  1. Create a TextMagic account on
  2. Download textmagic-sms-api.jar
  3. Download dependencies
  4. Copy textmagic-sms-api.jar and dependencies to your project class path
  5. Write Code
Java Code Example
import com.textmagic.sms.TextMagicMessageService;
import com.textmagic.sms.exception.ServiceException;

public class DummyCode {
public static void main (String []argz) {
String dummyPhone = "99912345678";
TextMagicMessageService service =
new TextMagicMessageService ("my_login","my_password");
try {
service.send("Hello, World!", dummyPhone);
} catch(ServiceException ex) {
System.out.println(" :-( ");