TextMagic API Documentation

This online document describes how to interface your custom application with the TextMagic Bulk SMS Gateway using API queries.

You can use the free SMS scripts of Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, Perl, C# to connect with our Bulk SMS Gateway.

TextMagic’s application programming interface (API) provides the communication link between your application and TextMagic’s SMS Gateway, allowing you to send and receive text messages and to check the delivery status of text messages you’ve already sent.

We provide two ways to connect to our Bulk SMS Gateway.


sendsend SMS command
accountcheck the account balance command
message_statusretrieve SMS delivery notifications
receivereceive incoming SMS messages (Two-Way SMS)
delete_replydeletes incoming SMS messages
check_numberchecks phone numbers
callback URLs
receive incoming messages and message statuses via callback URLs (incoming SMS and Delivery notifications posted directly to your application)

2. Email to SMS API

sendsend SMS command
receivereceive incoming SMS messages (Two Way SMS)