Sender ID & SMS Reply Options

All text messages carry a sending number. When you send a text message through TextMagic, your sending number will by default be one of the TextMagic equipment numbers (+447624800500). This means that any replies go to our system.

Setting a Sender ID (Alphanumeric Originator)

You can set the sender to be your company name, customer support phone number, or anything else up to a maximum of 11 characters. So,, This means that your recipients could see “TextMagic,” “Area 51,” “Superman,” or any other name or number you want in the sender field rather than just a phone number. This alphanumeric originator, or sender ID, can contain characters from a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and _ (underscore). Other characters may cause messages to fail.

  1. You can apply for a Sender ID name online at, just login, go to Reply Options and apply for a Sender ID.
  2. TextMagic customer support manually approves all Sender IDs before they can be used.

Country-Specific Reply Numbers (Numeric Originator)

TextMagic provides long mobile phone numbers (international MSISDNs) from six different countries. You can use any of these numbers to build Two-Way SMS solutions.

Manage Reply Options

To manage your SMS reply options you need to login at Then please go to My Services - Reply Options. You can change your reply options at any time you want.